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Application Guide - Welovestartups
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Guide for the thorough application

Well done. If you are reading this we assume that you have made it through to round 2 (the in depth application). We have received incredibly many applications. You should be proud. There is however still a long way to a grant, mentor, collaborating companies and PR, so stay sharp.

Below this, you find practical info, structural rules, info about the video part, and at the bottom an explanation of the 8 points you must include and send as a pdf to jb@welovestartups.dk.

Practical info

Your application must be no more than 11 pages including a table of contents and potentially a front page. If you are sharp, 4 pages might be enough.

Email subject and name of pdf as  well as video: Your company name, round 2.
Example.: WeLoveStartups, round 2.

Visualizations are welcome. Pictures/graphics sometimes shows your point more effectively.


·  1. Table of contents

·  2. What issues does your idea solve? Max 2 sider

·  3. Why do you work for your idea? Max ½ side

·  4. What does your market look like? Max 2 side

·  5. What are your future perspectives? Max 1 side

·  6. Who is supposed to release your ideas potential? Max 1 side

·  7. How is the grant supposed to help you complete your milestones and reach your goal? Max 1 side

·  8. Important problems and weaknesses. Max 1 side

·  9. Also Max ½ side                                               

Additional info: Only what we ask you to include will be included in our assessment. You cannot expect that we will look through additionally attached business plans, websites, articles or such.

If we are in doubt, we will contact you.

Overall approach:

Keep in mind while you write that we are NOT a competition trying to praize the best startups. We exist to help you grow and therefore we fully understand that you and your idea is not perfect. Be completely honest and help us to help you.

Passion is your most valuable resource!

When the world does not see your potential, when the banks laughs at you and your days become extremely long, what will then keep you going? Our answer is passion, and we want to see it.
In a collaboration with Pitcherific.com we have developed a platform, where you can easily make a two minutes pitch that shows your passion. If you use Firefox, you can even record it directly at the site through your webcam. Alternatively, we recommend that you record the video with your phone and either uploads it to YouTube, or compress it and send it to jb@welovestartups.dk. (There are countless free compressing apps available).
The video should not be in high quality, exceptionally produced, or in any way perfect. Simply put you should not use your time on that.

We just want to look into your eyes, when you tell why you do, what you do.
When you send your video you also accept that we are allowed to use it as marketing of you towards the world. If you don’t want us to market your passion, by showing it to our stakeholders and followers, you must write this in the section “Also”. But who are passionate and innovative, and not interested in showing it?

Go to pitcherific.com. Chose english and find WeLoveStartups under “template”. There you also find our edition of a passion pitch.

  • What issues do your idea solve?

    Product description including: What does your idea solve? How does do that?, and why is there a need for solving. Max 2 pages.

  • Why do you work for your idea?

    What is your personal goal with the idea? This will shine through to all your stakeholders, and has been proven as important criteria for growth. Commonly it is also called your “WHY”. Max ½ page.

  • What does your market look like?

    How many will be interested in your solution (in DK and global)? Who will you have to beat? How will you beat them/how do you differentiate from your competitors? (price, quality, business model, …) We recommend that you consider using visualizations for this category. For example you can show your current and future market, and explain how you will get to it. Include your products expected price, expected number of sales and expected price per sale. Short term and long term. Max: 2 page.

  • What are your future perspectives?

    How does your milestones and goals look, and what is your best, worst and expected case scenario. Max 1 page.

  • Who is supposed to release your ideas potential?

    Who is working on the idea? Who is/should be a part of the idea? Who are the stakeholders for your idea?, Links for LinkedIn profiles are usable here. Max 1 page

  • How is the grant supposed to help you complete your milestones and reach your goals?

    We want clear descriptions of what the grant is to be used for, and you have to convince us that you have done your research, and will be able of using the grant perfectly. You must include specific prices/expenses for what you will use the grant for. You may use the grant for everything, but it must be very effective in growing your idea. Remember, we are built on goodwill. We support where our support creates the most benefit. We are critical in our control of what you apply for, and it will not increase your chances, if you apply for DKK 75.000, if DKK 25.000 is enough to get you going. Max 1 page.

  • Important problems and weaknesses

    In order to help you in the best possible way, you have to show us your weaknesses, enabling us to turn them into strengths. Describe at least three of your most important future problems, and include the abilities you and/or your team needs optimized. Max 1 page.

  • Also

    Here you are allowed to tell us about other important details. For example if there might be legal problems in your idea, if there are specific individuals that should not screen your application, for example due to competition. Here you state if your video is not allowed shown to the public and why. Max ½ page.