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Ditched education to whistle on his way to work! - Welovestartups
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Ditched education to whistle on his way to work!

Today you can read about WeLoveStartups CEO and founder Jakob Breddam. Master’s degree in financial management, who experienced that education, is not always the right way. No matter what the government says.

What are your biggest entrepreneurial successes?

It all began in the kindergarten; I realized that becoming a firefighter was not my dream, no! I wanted to become an entrepreneur! Creating something new to benefit others, whilst living a life, where every day would offer new challenges and the responsibility always points in one direction. This excites me. It has let me down a winding path to the alternative entrepreneurial concept that is WeLoveStartups. However, I have become one with the concept and it represents the values I hold dear to my heart.
Therefore, in true spirit of the organization, the success I would like to focus on will be the internal successes and the entrepreneurs I have helped so far. About 6 months ago, the first delegation of our grants took place. Three grants were given in total and the recipients were as you might know (if you have followed our social medias) GoPlayDot, Lix.tech (tidligere UNIPEGMA) og FarmBackup.

GoPlayDot has since then made an agreement with the Ministry of education and has been on several play dates with different institutions and companies. Lix are really growing and about one month ago, they got an investment in the millions. Furthermore, they have made collaborations with huge publishers in the USA. FarmBackup have just launched their concept and already have 170 farms in the fold plus plans of expanding internationally.
To see what the grant recipients have already achieved, in such short time, is my daily fix of happiness and are to date my biggest personal success.
Being able to help further these entrepreneurs progress to shoot for the stars, is nothing short of delightful and truly gives me a kick and confirmation in what I am doing. Overall, WeLoveStartups represents all of my biggest achievements. The journey has been long and showing Denmark that we can create something global, highly innovative and beautiful if we join forces, has been tough but worth it and it is far from over! We have many new ideas and we are close to handing out new grants. This time we will do it with a bang (More information, later this month).


Why are you passionate about entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs are amazingly stubborn individuals. Even when the family starts doubting, the banks shake their heads and the “Friends & fools” accounts are empty, they work through it with fiery passion. They do not do it for cool cash; they do it because they strive to change the status quo to something new, inspiring and better. A mind-set and a mission that WeLoveStartups and I share, and that you can only admire and be inspired by.

Why have you chosen to create WeLoveStartups?

Because I have a dream of creating the perfect conditions for the passionate entrepreneurs who creates tomorrows Denmark. Improvements are required; I will not accept the banks poor mentality, and the government diminishing their support to entrepreneurship, even though it is the obvious way to go. Just a few days ago, the government, proposed a bill that would heavily cut the support for several brilliant entrepreneurial initiatives. We cannot and must not rely on the government carrying us in the right direction. We have to come together as a community and create the future for ourselves. Simply put that is what WeLoveStartups is all about; a pay-it-forward movement that help create and mold a better future for Denmark and entrepreneurs in it.

What do you contribute with in WeLoveStartups?

I have the entrepreneurial stubbornness deep within me. Nothing can get me of course and I am so passionate about entrepreneurship that I am almost willing to sacrifice myself for it. Furthermore, I differentiate myself from entrepreneurs through my focus on structure and details.
I utilize this when I maintain the overview of the many abilities the ambassadors in WeLoveStartups offers, when I create an overview of the incredibly many entrepreneurial stakeholders Denmark is blessed with. Therefore, in spite of everything, my structure-focused studies in finance have not been a total waste, even though I would not recommend others to attempt to educate themselves to become entrepreneurs (just do it!). A final important experience I have learned is that entrepreneurship should not be perfect and that you should not have the perfect idea from the beginning.

You have to execute! That is what we encourage everyone to do! Join WeLoveStartups and create the future of Denmark.

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