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The future does not come from nothing, someone creates it! - Welovestartups
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The future does not come from nothing, someone creates it!

Today you can learn about WeLoveStartups innovation and networking expert, our vice chair(wo)man Sussi Bianco. From the consultancy company “Konsulenthuset Sussi Bianco”.

What are your biggest entrepreneurial successes?

In the 00’s I was the frontwoman in Denmark’s largest business network for leaders and entrepreneurs (Morgendagens Heltinder). It was among my first big projects. The responsibility as Chairman of the board in both ups and downs and during the financial crisis, gave me countless and important experiences. Hereunder that, “non-profit” in the long term equals “non-existence”. After 10 years the network was dissolved, in spite of 1.500 paying members, 13 locale network groups, 100 volunteers and big media attention. Among the highlights was working with the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth and other national players, and taking part in developing politics.

Before the adventure in “Morgendagens Heltinder” I was deeply fascinated by tech and in general new movements. I still am, but that does not mean that I am the biggest programming talent. I figured that out when I studied computer science and math at Aarhus University. After that lesson, my love for leadership, communication and change management grew. Those subjects are still a big part of my professional life today.

Today I run the consultancy company ”Konsulenthuset Sussi Bianco” where I use my many different experiences. I collaborate with skilled partners – both professional capacities and large organizations with whom I develop concepts. My biggest success is probably CareWare Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a collaboration with Aarhus Municipality, Region Midt, Business Region Aarhus and my consultancy company. In 2016, for the fourth year in a row, I will run a national competition in welfare innovation. We find the best Danish welfare solutions and help them grow through networks of experts, buyers and knowhow.
In this connection IT, technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and community development meet. The new movements are still a big passion that excites me.



Why are you passionate about entrepreneurship?

I believe that entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial mind-set are about people and personal motivation. ”Entrepreneurship enables people to take charge of their own life”. It about believing, that we can change our own destiny and belief in those changes continued effect on the world.

The future does not come from nothing, someone creates it! This is the core in entrepreneurship in my opinion. Life does not come by itself. You have to throw yourself into what you believe can create value that makes sense.
Today we are in a time of distinctive transformation driven by technology, changed demography and lack of resources. As Danes, we have to wake up and be aware of what is happening. The train is running and it is the individuals and especially entrepreneurs who make the brave choices that creates the future. Luckily, we have a sea of brilliant minds to use.

Why have you chosen to join the board of directors in WeLoveStartups?

I have joined WeLoveStartups because I am attracted to the idea of people with experience and resources getting an easy way to “Pay-it-forward”. Established companies can pay it forward to entrepreneurs, who are in their critical stage, a stage whom the established company once have been through too. A process WeLoveStartups smart grants makes easy.

The first time I heard about the idea I smiled widely – and then I laughed. The concept of WeLoveStartups was so crazy, that I did not know whether or not I should run screaming or throw myself at it. I chose the latter and I have not had a second of regret since.

What do you contribute with in WeLoveStartups?

We have to be visionaries and create a wide movement, based in the reality many entrepreneurs encounter in Denmark. The lack of start-up funds, in the early stage is widespread when we compare ourselves with the growing entrepreneurial countries such as Sweden, England and Israel.

The goal in WeLoveStartups is not to hand out grants, but to support entrepreneurs and help them go to market. A goal we are closing in on, we are already seeing it happen with our first three grant receivers: Lix (former UniPegma) and their million investment, FarmBackup and their recent launch and GoPlayDots collaboration with the Ministry of education.

However, this is not enough. It is just the beginning. In WeLoveStartups we have chosen to fight the lack of start-up funds, by using the advantage of smart money. I want to invite everybody, who believes that we can solve the challenge together, to take part and share the responsibility, let us create a better entrepreneurial and innovative Denmark. There is enough talk and intention about the importance of entrepreneurship, but not enough doing!

Become a member in WeLoveStartups and contribute to making Denmark into the best country in the world for supporting innovative entrepreneurs – in practice.

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